Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time is your Worship Service?

Sunday @ 9 AM

Q: What do you believe?

Our Mission 

Love God. Love Each Other.

Palm Harvest Church exists to glorify God. We will share Jesus with people, nurture believers in their faith, equip leaders and unleash kingdom-driven servants.

Our Core Values

  • Worship

We believe our highest calling in life is to know Jesus personally.

  • Biblical

We believe that the Bible is God’s source of truth by which our actions must be guided.

  • Community Involvement

We believe Jesus is asking us to infiltrate our community with His love.

  • Team

We believe that doing church as a team is God’s design for effective ministry.

  • Servant

We believe a servant of Jesus sacrificially does whatever it takes.

  • Welcoming

We will demonstrate the love of Jesus by being open to and accepting of all people who seek to be a child of God.

Q: Will my family be safe?

It is the intent of Palm Harvest Church (PHC) to provide a safe environment where individuals can pursue a relationship with God. Volunteers, particularly those who serve in our Children’s Ministry, are screened with a background check and trained to recognize high-risk responses and behaviors.

Parents are invited to check-in on and participate with their children anytime. PHC retains sole discretion to deny attendance, participation, and/or membership to any person whose behavior, criminal conviction, and/or sexual offender status gives reason to believe that person would endanger others. Offenders are disqualified from participation if their victims are attenders. Those individuals who must register as sexual offenders must comply with the PHC policy (available upon request) in order to protect themselves and our children.

Q: What is Westside Nights?

A: A fun night of food and games for the whole family that brings the community together in Costa Mesa.